About Avocouture by Avocado

Avocouture, previously known as Avocado, is an indie lingerie brand from Poland that has been operating in the lingerie market for over 20 years. Avocado is transforming – and yet it remains itself! After the frenzy of rebranding, creating a new collection, and a new online store,  Avocouture by Avocado, the founder explains what makes her genuinely passionate about lingerie.

Our brand is over 20 years old. From the very beginning I create underwear for women with full bust. I know the importance of comfort and support, which are cruicial to make a perfect D+ bra.

20 years ago, underwear in sizes larger than C, was only available in a very limited range and of specific character.  Its design shouted: I’m solid! I am like orthopedic shoes next to high heels – practical and good for health. Meanwhile, underwear in standard sizes was beautiful and sensual. I wanted mine to be both!

So I went to a mission. I discovered that fabric does not necessarily have to be thick to be strong, and the bra cups do not have to be armored with a sponge to support the breasts well.

Since then, my idea has been to create underwear that would look as delicate as possible, feel great against skin and fully support bigger breasts.

I understand lingerie as a beautiful object that evokes pleasure:  close to the skin, silky to the touch – object of sensual beauty. From the simplest designs to the boldest ones, I make sure they are harmonious and no element of them is redundant. I love deconstructed cups and clean lines – they add contemporary touch to classic embroideries or lace, whilst making basic pieces look sexy and interesting.

At the same time, I fully understand that for bigger breasts, you need a bra that is truly fit-focused. It is extremely important because it makes our lives so much better!  

How could we enjoy life’s little pleasures to the fullest in uncomfortable clothes that pinch or need to be checked upon constantly?  How to have the time of our lives in ill-fitting bra that needs to be adjusted every couple of minutes?



Underwear such as ours requires excellent basic materials – straps, knitted fabric for the back of the bra, fasteners, and accessories. We use high-end embroideries and lace. It also requires a tremendous amount of work and manual skills that need to be put into the making of each bra. 

Most of our lingerie is made in our atelier in Poznań.
All things are cut out and sewn by hand. Because our patterns are complicated, it takes an average of nearly 2 hours to sew each bra, and the most time-consuming ones may take a seamstress even 6 hours to make.

Make yourself comfortable and dive into Avocouture world to discover your perfectly fitting lingerie, ethically made with love and care.


Anna Lejwoda 
Avocouture by Avocado founder